We want to help you grow your startup

About US

Tres Win is an angel investment syndicate based in Buffalo, NY. We are composed of experienced business professionals across several industries and specializations. We deploy capital in pre-seed rounds, help early stage founders find product-market fit, and prepare them for their first institutional raises.

WHY Pitch Us?

Our partners have decades of experience taking companies from idea stage through series A funding and beyond. We believe that all investment dollars are not created equally. It's not just about the quantity of money, it's about having investors that will actively support you with their connections and experience.

At Tres Win, each partner is a leader in our respective industries and communities. We're angel investors that want to work with great founders. We're people who want to make a difference in the world. And we're seeking like-minded founders.

We play small ball. We're not going to lead your round. If we do our job well, we won't be able to maintain our pro rata. But that's why we're the best early money you can take. Our experience and desire to mentor you, combined with the strength of our networks, will accelerate your business more than our capital.

We invest primarily to help us capture some of the value we add to your business. Our primary driver is to create a positive economic impact on the region and play a small part in building great companies.

How do you evaluate companies?

At Tres Win, we focus on the founders. We look for founders that have deep domain expertise in an existing industry. We want to see founders that have developed a scalable technical solution to a long standing problem. We also believe in the wisdom of the crowd. We look at companies that have developed large, active, and engaged communities around their products or founders. Last but not least, we believe that the difference between a free trial and $1 in revenue is a vast chasm. We want to see and talk to customers who pay for your solution.

What Kind of Deals do you do?

We're a small fund composed of a tight-knit group of leaders.

We don't lead rounds. Our average check size is $10,000.

But we do write checks. Our goal is to deploy between $50,000 - $100,000 a year for the next 10 years.

Beyond dollars, we have social capital to deploy. If we believe in you enough to invest, we believe in you enough to make introductions to our network. That means you get access to market-leading experts and social proofing for larger funds that can fill out your round.

Our goal is to work with companies raising friends and family rounds. Providing you with wisdom, and helping you to achieve operational excellence to power through your first Institutional funding round.

What's with the name?

Customers must win. Founders must win. Investors must win.

If a deal is missing any of those components - it's out of balance and will lead to poor outcomes for everyone involved.